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Armoring Steps

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All Pillar Posts, Side Panels, Kick Panels, Firewall, Headers, Rear Wheel Arches armored with highest standards of ballistic steel protection.
  • Doors & Windows: All doors are armored with ballistic steel. All window areas are overlapped with ballistic steel. This ensures that the passenger compartment is protected even when attacked at the weaker areas.

  • Roof: Entire roof area covered with ballistic steel to ensure full passenger protection even if attacks are vertical (ie. From bridges or overpasses, 90° angle).

  • Floor: All of the vehicle’s floor area is protected with ballistic steel against fragments and spalling in the passenger cabin (anti-mine protection including DM51 grenade / fragmentation).

  • Spall Shields (Bullet Catchers): Spall shields are installed into the door and window overlaps to ensure that the passenger compartment retains full protection even when attacked on angle. Without this protection, occupants would be vulnerable in this common type of attack.

  • Radiator: protected with 2 pieces of ballistic steel with air holes.

  • Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinge mounts, and suspension adjustments as required maintaining original appearance and maneuverability, guarantee that the hinges will transfer the excess door loads to the interior structure of the vehicle. The result is long lifetime of the door components and structure while maintaining alignment.

  • Roof, Floor, Doors, side columns, Dashboard, backseats panel / rear compartment, to be connected by the columns & welded together to form the monocock system.

1 Disassemble Roof Roof Car armoring car model special car armoring
2 Disassemble Glass Glass
3 Disassemble Grill Grill
4 Disassemble Brakes Brakes
5 Disassemble Tires Tires
6 Disassemble Suspensions Suspensions
7 Disassemble Door Hinges Door Hinges
8 Disassemble Doors Doors
9 Disassemble Door Hinges Door Hinges
10 Disassemble Fuel Tank Fuel Tank
Armoring Process
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